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Chess Training We Meet ChessBoard

There are eight separate horizontal rows on the chessboard, consisting of eight separate squares side by side. There are also eight separate vertical rows of eight separate squares on the vertical. As a result, our board consists of a total of 64 squares. Squares with light color from these frames are defined as white and dark squares are defined as black.

Satranç Tahtası Yataydaki Kareler
Squares in Landscape
Satranç Tahtası Dikeydeki Kareler
Squares in The Vertical

On the chessboard there are letters just below the squares horizontally. On the vertical side, there are numbers. The reason for all these letters and numbers is that each frame has a name. As shown in the example, the name of the square on the ground is square b2, where the vertical order with the letter b meets the number 2 and the horizontal order with the number 2.

b2 Karesi
Square b2 on the Board

With the numbers and letters in all frames on the chessboard, it is called notation to write all moves in the game. Noteayson paper is used for notation writing. If you are playing online in a computer environment, the notation is kept automatically. It’s a recorded version of your notation game.

Before we start playing chess, we can start the game after placing the chessboard on the right side of both players, with a clear white square. In addition, the first move in the chess game is the white stones, whichever player makes.

Satranç Tahtası Doğru Yerleşim Şekli
Chessboard Is The Right Placement Shape

You can also watch this lesson as a video if you want.

Now that we know the chessboard, we can get to know the stones one by one and line up the stones. First, we continue our lessons with chess stones castle.

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