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Chess Course Entrance

Yazar: Mesut Demirbas
Chess Course Entrance and Promotion

Hi, we have created a perfect and perfect chess course for you. We will start our beginner chess training by recognizing the chessboard first. You will be able to use it correctly by learning all the features of the chessboard. Then you will be able to recognize the chess pieces one by one and dominate their movements and characteristics and place them on the chessboard. We will give them stars to understand the strength of the stones, and you will be able to play according to the differences of power and superiority between stones and the points of the stones.

In the chess course, the guide chess stone cards that we have specially prepared for the stones will guide you. You can use these guide cards at the end of the course by getting out of the printer. These cards, which are in your sight at any moment, will make you enjoy chess by applying what you learned while playing chess easily and quickly. In the chess course, you will be happy to win or lose games by learning the most precious word, the concept of the king matte. Remember, winning is losing well!

The chess course is prepared in practice by reenacting with real chessboards and stones. You can use the chess stone cards, which are a first guide, to print out the printer so that you can control chess stones faster.

The chess course is at the beginner level for adults and children. You’ll be able to play chess with fun without getting bored. At the end of chess training, you will be able to recognize the chessboards and stones, and you will dominate the movements of the stones. You know the concept of king mat, attract a king, the king can do the mat, and you can prevent your king from being matted.

What you can accomplish at the end of the Chess Course:

  • You’ll be able to recognize chess set materials.
  • You’ll be able to control the chessboard.
  • You’ll be able to sequence chess stones quickly and without errors.
  • Knowing the characteristics of chess pieces, you’ll be able to do your moves right.
  • You’ll be able to win a chess game by making the king matte.
  • You will be able to play chess with pleasure

Chess Course Curriculum:

You can also watch all our lessons as a video. Now in our next class, we meet the chessboard.

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