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Google Ads Login and Basics

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Google Ads Training

With Google Ads, you need to be successful in ads, outpacing competitors, achieving more results with less budget, what is Google Ads, how Google Ads works, and you need full knowledge of ad types. So let’s answer the question of what is Google Ads first.

Before Going to Ads:

Please let the advertiser businesses read this paragraph more carefully. There are things you need to pay attention and do before advertising on digital platforms.

The first thing you have to do is competitor analysis. Your competitors’ advertising strategies serve as mirrors for your ads. Develop your ads inspired by them. If you can’t analyze your opponents well, you’ll spend more money and get less yield.

If your ad target is to drive traffic to your website, come up with a solution by looking for answers to the following questions:

  • Do your website be marked as secure by Google.(Do you have an SSL certificate ?)
  • Please, please don’t link to your homepage in the ads you’re running
  • Test your website with free test tools. If your page opens above 3 sec, don’t go to ads at all.
  • Check how your website looks on mobile devices.
  • Direct to a landing page that is compatible with ad text and descriptions. That doesn’t mean “using the keywords you use and target in ad text on the landing page.” Keep your landing page private depending on your ad. Don’t include any other information. Make sure it’s fast-on. This increases your landing page quality score, you’ll get more efficiency by paying less than your competitors.
  • If you have a form, create a thank-you page for conversion tracking.

Make sure you plan your budget correctly. Make sure you don’t specifically choose an accelerated budget if you haven’t planned it. If you’re doing business with a phone call, it’s not going to work for you to run your ad at night. So organize ad time planning well. Even the big mistake that large e-commerce websites make is that the product that ends the sale is still running ads. Don’t forget that! Google Ads is a powerful system set up for all advertisers to get the highest efficiency with the lowest budget. And it’s constantly evolving. You must first improve, test, and then start running ads.

What is Google Ads ?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform built to show potential customers your products and services at the right time and when they are ready to buy. Another definition is a powerful online digital advertising program that you can use to market your products and services on Google searches, Google Maps, mobile apps, Youtube, Gmail, and other partner websites.

How Does Google Ads Work ?

You create your campaigns and ads through your Google Ads account. You determine your audience and select the media that you want ads to appear. Set your budget, you prepay for your account. You start running your ads by selecting when you want your ads to appear. Google Ads starts showing your ads to potential customers. As your Google Ads ads run, they also give you improvements to your ads.

Google Ads Ad Models:

Google Search Ads:

Ads that occur through the Google search engine service. Created for keywords that users search for. The goal here is to appear at the top of the first page in search results for keywords set out here. Your ads can appear on the search results page at the top, bottom, or right. The location of your ad may vary steadily by automatically determining it by the system. Keywords are in an auction system. According to the offers given by advertisers, your ad location is determined by scanning many metrics, such as quality score, corresponding landing page. The most beautiful feature of the system is that users pay when they click on your ads.

Google Display Network Ads:

It’s the ad model where your ads come to life by coming out of the text base. You can run your ads by creating animated ads and interactive apps. Of course, you’re free to run in rich text-based ads on a display network. The greatest freedom in this ad model, I think, is that our ads are showing in all media by getting rid of the limitations on the Google search engine. Your ads will appear on all websites that are Google partners, on Youtube (not video ads), mobile apps, and Gmail services. In a nutshell, your ads are running all over the internet.

Google Video Ads:

Video ads shown to users on Google partners who have enabled video ads and video ads while watching or browsing videos on the Youtube platform. Nowadays, video ads are the best advertising model for marketing your product, service, or brand, where internet users’ video content consumption is growing tremendously. With video ads, you can traffic to your website, market your products or services, increase brand awareness, or attract viewers for your Youtube channel and videos.

Google Shopping Ads:

You can use shopping ads to showcase your products and services with your store name, along with your photo, price, title, descriptions, and other information. This allows leads to pre-knowledge of the product or service before clicking on your ad. To use this ad model, you should also have a Google Merchant Center membership with Google Ads. Also in this ad model, your ad will be charged when the user clicks on your ad.

Universal App Ads:

This type of ad is used for the promotion and marketing of an app on the Android or ios platform. Your ads will be in the form of videos, or it can be an engaging image with rich text content. Often, Google Ads automatically creates this process for all platforms. So you enter information about your app into the Google Ads wizard, google ads produces automated ads for your app. Your ads are run on Google Play, Google Search Network, Google partners websites, Youtube, AdMob, and many partner publisher platforms.

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