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How Chess Stones Elephant Goes

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How Chess Stones Elephant Goes

There are a total of 4 elephants in chess, including 2 black and 2 white. Elephants are given two pieces to each player. On the chessboard, castles are placed in the corner squares, horses next to castles, elephants are placed right next to their horses. Now let’s find out how the elephant goes and what its characteristics are.

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Chess Sequence Elephant Image
Satranç Dizilimi Fil Yerleşimi
Chess Sequence Elephant Placement

Elephants can move as much as they want in the cross-direction unless there’s an obstacle in front of them. Elephants can never move straight. If a stone of its own color comes in front of the elephant on the way to motion, it goes all the way to the empty square in front of the stone and stays there. If a competitor gets in front of a stone, the opponent eats the stone and settles in the square of the opposing stone. The elephant, which starts the game in black square, is located in the black square throughout the game. The elephant, which starts the game in the white square, is located in the white square throughout the game.

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How the Chess Sequence Elephant Goes
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Chess Array Elephant Which Direction Can Not Go

In chess, each stone has a star based on its severity and strength. The more stars a stone has, the more important and powerful it is. The number of stars has no direct impact on the game. But the number of stars is important for the player to know how valuable that stone is. In the chess game, the Horse, like The Elephant, has three stars. You can use the “Guide Card” specially prepared for the elephant by getting printoutfrom the printer.

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Chess Stone Points Elephant
Satranç Taşları Fil Rehber Kartı
Chess Stones Elephant Guide Card

In this lesson, we learned in full detail how the elephant goes. You can also watch this lesson as a video if you want. Our next lesson is the queen who can go as far as she wants, unless there are obstacles in front of horizontal, vertical and cross-facing in all directions between chess stones.

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