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How Chess Stones Go At Horse

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How Chess Stones Go At Horse

There are a total of 4 horses in chess, including 2 black and 2 white. Horses are given two pieces to each player. Horses are placed right next to each castle in the corners. Now let’s find out in detail how the horse goes.

Satranç Dizilimi At Görseli
Chess Sequence Horse Image
At Nasıl Gider.  At Satranç Tahtasına Yerleşimi
Chess Sequence Horse Placement

The movements of horses are just like an L letter. At two squares goes straight and then completes the movement by going straighter than a square to the right or left or forward or backward. The horse has the ability to go to eight squares. The biggest thing that separates the horse from other stones is that it can jump like a horse and jump over other stones. If there is a rival stone in the square where the horse completes its movement, it eats the stone and settles in that square, and if there is stone of its own color, it can’t go to that square because it can’t eat its own stone. He can’t eat the stones he jumps over. If your horse is in a black square, it completes its movement into the white square. On the opposite side, i.e. in the white square, it completes its movement in a black square. The fact that the horse has so much mobility and the stones can jump over makes chess more enjoyable.

Satranç Dizilimi Atın Hareketleri
Chess Sequence Horse’s Movements

In chess, each stone has a star based on its severity and strength. The more stars a stone has, the more important and powerful it is. The number of stars has no direct impact on the game. But the number of stars is important for the player to know how valuable that stone is. In the chess game, the horse has three stars. You can use the “Guide Card” specially prepared for horse by getting printouts from the printer.

Satranç Taş Puanları At
Chess Stone Points At
Satranç Taşları At Rehber Kartı
Chess Stones Horse Guide Card

In our chess lessons we learned how the horse goes and what its characteristics are. You can also watch this lesson as a video if you want. Our next lesson is an elephant capable of going diagonally in all directions.

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