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How Chess Stones Go Pawn

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How Chess Stones Go Pawn

Pawn Chessboard Lineup

There are a total of 16 pawns in chess, including 8 black and 8 white. Each pawn is given 8 pieces per player. We’ll set our pawns up like soldiers in 2nd place horizontally on a chessboard. Now let’s learn with details of how the pawn goes, moves and features.

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Chess Sequence Pawn Image
Satranç Dizilimi Piyon Yerleşimi
Chess Sequence Pawn Placement

Pawn Transactions

If the pawn is at the starting point on the chessboard, i.e. he will make a move for the first time, he can go two squares straight forward if desired. Other than that, the pawn goes straight and one square forward. So if the pawn is at the starting point and he will make his first move, he doesn’t necessarily have to move two squares straight forward. If desired, one frame can go forward. But after making his first move, he has to go straight forward to one frame.

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How to Go a Pawn. Stir Goes a Square
Başlangıç Karesinden Piyon Düz İki Kare Gider
Pawn Goes Straight Two Squares from Starting Frame

He can’t move even if a stone or rival stone emerges from his own color on the pawn’s way of motion. In addition, the pawn cannot move back or to the right and left. And how’s the pawn going to eat a rock? The pawn can only eat if there’s a rival stone on the forward cross.

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Chess Sequence Pawn Which Direction Can Not Go
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How chess sequence pawn sits in stone

Pawn Promotion

The pawn is known as the most worthless stone, but it has a super power that separates it from other stones. When the pawn moves to the other side of the board, he gets promoted. In the image below, no squares in the red-marked area are left with a pawn and replaced by another stone. So you can drop the pawn and replace it with a piece you want. This stone is usually the Queen. This process is called a pawn promotion.

Satranç Dizilimi Piyon Nasıl Terfi Eder
How chess sequence promotes a pawn

In chess, each stone has a star based on its severity and strength. The more stars a stone has, the more important and powerful it is. The number of stars has no direct impact on the game. But the number of stars is important for the player to know how valuable that stone is. In the chess game, The Pawn has a star. You can use the “Guide Card” specially prepared for the pawn by getting printoutfrom the printer.

Satranç Taş Puanları Piyon
Chess Stone Points Pawn
Satranç Taşları Piyon Rehber Kartı
Chess Stones Pawn Guide Card

In this class, we learned how to go pawn, movement and pawn promotion. You can also watch this course as a video if you want. Our next lesson is to threaten the king who leads the chess game to the conclusion, i.e. attracting a king.

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