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Shooting a King in Chess

Yazar: Mesut Demirbas
Shooting a King in Chess, Threatening the Shah

In order to win the game, it is necessary to first attract a rival king in a threat, namely chess. In order to threaten the opposing king, we go to a square where we can eat the king and call him a witness. And in that case, we’ll be king. So we have to go to a square so we can eat the king in the next move. In our example below, the castle gives the following message to the king from the square where he comes from moving straight to threaten the king. Shah, I can eat you in my next move. Take precautions. Let’s remember, he could go back and forth and straight as long as there was no obstacle in front of the goal.

Kale Hamle Yapar
Castle Moves to Attract King
Kale Satrançta Şah Çeker
Castle Shah Pulls in Chess

Let’s see how we can take our castle on the board and take the king in chess with Pawn for our new example. You know, the pawn would go a straight square forward and eat a pawn if there was a stone on his cross. In our example, the pawn went a straight square forward and pulled the king, and gave the following message to the king. I can eat you diagonally in my next move. Don’t worry, we’ll learn the precautions that need to be taken in the next lesson with examples.

Satrançta Şah Çekmek İçin Piyon Hamle Yapar
Pawn Moves to Attract A King
Satrançta Piyon Şah Çeker
A Pawn In Chess Pulls A King

In this lesson, we learned to pull a king in chess, threatening the opposing king. You can try to find different ways to threaten the king by lining up chessboards and stones in the same way. In this lesson, we threatened the king with only two different stones. With other stones, you can pull the king in one move.

You can also watch this lesson as a video if you want. In our next lesson, we’ll learn the measures that need to be taken. There are now ways to get rid of the king’s traction in the chess course.

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